China Carbon Credit Platform

Your window to China carbon market, daily access to carbon commercial opportunities.

China Carbon Report provides you with latest carbon data, market analysis and insights, with our analytics teams helping you sort through huge data sets, and identify and analyze information valuable to your business interests.
Summarized carbon data from Chinese exchanges are presented daily on China Carbon Report, a fast track to get to market trend and opportunities in China’s carbon market.
China, one of the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has drawn worldwide attention to its carbon trading. Information and data of carbon trading and recent events are scattered in multifarious channels and lack of continuity. Some are just raw data that are cluttered and cursory, hard to interpret and act upon.
With China Carbon Report, you can read up-to-date news about China's carbon market from national carbon policies to carbon credit trades, and go through refined data such as carbon trading price and volume on just one website, which are all handpicked by our proficient researchers. Whether you are a market analyst or trade dealer, to learn about China carbon market, start from China Carbon Report.