China Carbon Credit Platform
Carbon reduction is a global hot topic. In order to effectively implement carbon reduction policies, the European Union, the United States, and others have proposed carbon tariffs, imposing corresponding fees on imported products with high carbon emissions levels. With the implementation of carbon tariffs, China, as a major exporter of manufacturing, will have a certain impact on the cost, profit, and price of its exported products.
To incentivize enterprises to reduce emissions, China has launched a national carbon market. Enterprises can trade carbon emission quotas through carbon exchanges. The current carbon market is mainly concentrated in the power industry, but recently the Chinese government has been actively researching and promoting the inclusion of industries such as steel, cement, and chemical into the national carbon emission trading system. In the future, the trading scale of China's carbon market will further expand.
Understanding the latest information on the carbon market can help carbon emission related enterprises make good business decisions. We have been following the changes in China's carbon market for many years and closely tracking and investigating industries such as chemical and energy that are closely related to carbon emissions. We have accumulated rich research data and experience in this field. To help you understand the development of China's carbon market, we regularly export the following products to you:
China Carbon Reports
cover analysis on the latest carbon market policies, carbon emission company dynamics, carbon trading data, and contents linked closely to the market. The Reports are published on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, to give insights on how to navigate the market changes.
China Carbon Database
provides regularly updated data, sourced from company news, government reports and other official disclosure, to visualize China's carbon market development.

We monitor carbon emission indicators including:

Chinese Certified Emission Reductions (CCERs);Certified Emission Reductions (CEAs);Shanghai Emission Allowances (SEAs);Guangzhou Emission Allowances (GEAs);Beijing Emission Allowances (BEAs);and others
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