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"Yichun Ecological Day" has a mascot IP, and a series of activities are coming

Release Time3 weeks ago

In the spring of May, a city of mountains and rivers is full of greenery. On May 23, the launching ceremony of the 3rd "Yichun Ecological Day" series of activities with the theme of "Beautiful Yichun, Ecological Health and Wellness" was held in Shangganling Xishui National Forest Park.

Based on Chinese mergansers and squirrels, the mascot IP of "Yichun Ecological Day" was released

Based on sika deer and woodpeckers, the mascot IP of "Yichun Ecological Day" was released

At the launching ceremony, the "Yichun Ecological Day" mascot IP and the results of the Yichun Atmospheric Environment Research Project were released, and it was announced that Yichun Forest Industry Group had invested in Hainan International Carbon Emission Trading Center Co., Ltd., and the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Justice and the Yichun Municipal Government jointly unveiled the Yichun Ecological Environment Arbitration Court. The Yichun Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, a strategic cooperation agreement with the Institute of Special Products of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Yichun) for the Comprehensive Utilization of Special Resources, and a strategic cooperation agreement with the School of Food Science of Jiangnan University. Tieli City, Jinlin District, and Yichun Sengong Group Co., Ltd. signed project cooperation agreements with key cooperative enterprises. The guests at the meeting watched the Yichun health tourism promotion "Yichun Waiting for You" and theatrical performances.

The guests launched the third "Yichun Ecological Day" series of activities

Yichun City is located in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province, the Xiaoxing'an Mountains run through the whole territory, with 4 million hectares of vast forests and a forest cover rate of 83.8%, known as the "motherland forest capital", "hometown of red pine" and "natural oxygen bar". In recent years, Yichun City has fought a good battle to defend the blue sky, clear water and pure land, accelerated the construction of a "zero-waste city", and the comprehensive index of air quality and water environment has ranked among the top in the province for many years. In particular, by holding three consecutive ecological day activities, we will vigorously publicize the achievements of ecological civilization innovation and practice, and broaden the channels for investment promotion and foreign exchanges, so that the old forest area of Yichun will radiate new youthful vitality in the transformation of economic development.

Shangganling Xishui National Forest Park's outdoor camping, specialty market, deer park leisure, Sino-Russian painting exhibition, forest concert, dream back to the Tang Dynasty and other characteristic cultural tourism projects have been praised by tourists and guests.